The Club

The Trikings club has seen many changes over the years and in 2017 the club will celebrate 30 years of providing training support, companionship and friendship, to all the Clubs members and their families. As the oldest SA based club Trikings has endeavoured to lead the development of Triathlon in South Australia. Trikings promote and encourage participation in the sport of Triathlon; from the beginner to the elite level. We have had members competing in mini events locally, to the Australian Ironman and in the Hawaii Ironman World Championships

At its inaugural meeting at the Eagle View Hotel (now the Brahma Lodge Hotel) in November 1987 where fees were set at $15 for a full member and names such as the ‘Norseman Triathlon Club’ and ‘Northern Triathletes Club’ were suggested before ‘Trikings’ was suggested by Tony Day and then adopted as the preferred name and henceforth the Trikings Triathlon Club was born.

The original Club uniform featured burgundy and purple colours and had a range of options including track suit and running shorts. In 2006-7 season saw the unveiling of the yellow and black uniform to great effect. Since that time the Club has refined and adjusted the uniform to suit the needs of the Club members.

Trikings has seen a number of changes with our Website over a period of years, culminating in the present site, developed in 2014. The new site encompasses a number of new facilities, including;

  • membership information
  • improved uniform ordering
  • club history
  • improved sponsor links
  • calendar
  • training
  • news and general facts