• Lamb Run

    Lamb Run

    Lamb Run is held as part of the Sheep Run, essentially a one-way version of the Sheep Run being approximately a 10Km ride. This is a great event for our most junior of club members. Our club members that participated in the event include:- 2014 Naliah Rigby Maddison Smith Alicia Jamar Olivia Rigby Kylie Rigby 2013

  • Sheep Run

    The Sheep Run is Trikings annual 23km cycling time trial in the Barossa Valley. The Sheep Run award has been awarded to the following club members:- 2015 Ben Shepherd 2014 Michael Harte 2013 Michael Harte 2012 Sam Tebeck 2011 Brad Wauer 2010 Brad Wauer 2009 Brad Wauer 2008 Mark Smith